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The Joy Of Food

Food is more than survival – food is joyous, it brings us together in our moment of celebration, and it brings us comfort in our moments of sadness. It helps us make friends and build community. At Biryani Central, we want to do our little part in bringing the joy of food into your lives. Whether it’s just you yearning for a delicious plate of biryani after a hard day at work, or if it’s an intimate gathering of your closest friends, or a big family celebration – we are here to be the central place to satisfy your hankering for the most delectable biryanis, kebabs, curries, and bread.

We are more than packaged food delivery, we are a joyous culinary experience delivered at your doorstep.

Our Extraordinary Squad of Culinary Chefs

To make your food adventures extraordinary our phenomenal team of culinary karigars meticulously pore over every detail of the cooking process. Empowered with decades of experience with the best names in the industry, our chefs recreate the magic of age-old cooking techniques in our kitchens every day. Our chefs showcase skills and craftsmanship that can only be acquired by rigorous practice or have been handed down through generations.

Uncovering Unique Cooking Practices

With a passion for rediscovering time-honored cooking methods, we focus on traditional techniques like slow cooking, chargrilling, tandoor cooking, and the art of Dum.

An ode to the time-tested process, all our biryanis are slowly cooked on Dum in the handis they are served in. Dum means ‘breathe in’ and pukht means ‘cook’. While many brands claim to use the Dum technique, we implicitly recognize that it is simply not enough to just put a dough cover on the pot. The art of Dum is delicate and requires a fine balance of cooking ingredients up to the correct intensity prior, and then letting the rest cook within the Dum pot on a slow fire - a process our biryani chefs have skillfully mastered over time.

An illustration of traditional moist heat cooking, the art of kebab making in our kitchens has been perfected by our culinary karigars who ensure the right balance of temperature and skill on a grill to deliver tender kebabs every time. Food lovers often miss out on this rich and decadent experience when they are usually offered kebabs prepared in a tandoor.

Lastly, all our curries pay tribute to the heritage of slow-cooking, an elaborate, unhurried preparation used to kindle the most aromatic and delicate flavours on your plate. And to partner our delectable curries, our exquisite breads are baked to perfection in our signature dome tawas, clay tandoors, iron tandoors or ovens. We take immense pride in our artisanal breads which are prepared by specialised tandoor craftsmen.

Nothing But The Best Ingredients

We believe that any recipe is only as good as its ingredients. That’s why our chefs go to enormous lengths to handpick everything that goes into our food. Perfectly blended spices, the freshest picked vegetables, our prime cuts of meat, and every other premium ingredient ensures that your culinary experience with us nothing short of remarkable. Our chefs would not have it any other way.

Hygiene – The Backbone of our Kitchens

Cleanliness and strict adherence to hygienic food prep are central to our operations. Our crew is trained for and ensures that each item is separately kept and stored in suitable conditions to preserve freshness. Our kitchens are equipped with strict pest control measures and efficient waste management processes. Armed with extensive space to prepare each recipe, state-of-the-art conveniences and unmatchable staff expertise, special attention is given to food hygiene. We are not just limited to best-in-class food prep practices, but in every phase of the food creation process to deliver only the best-quality food.

Delivering Happiness the Green Way

We continually strive to eliminate waste and make all aspects of our business as environmentally friendly as possible. From recyclable delivery containers, environmentally friendly packaging, to our signature earthen clay handis, we work hard to make sure that our impact on the environment is minimal. Our modern kitchens are designed to be efficient and to ensure that waste is disposed of responsibly. We keep abreast of industry best-practices and are committed to ongoing gains in efficiency and waste reduction.

Additionally, our aesthetically beautiful non-toxic handis can be easily reused and are the key to food that tastes great and is healthy.

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