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  1. Lucknow Chowk ki Subz Biryani
    A heavenly creation from the city of Nawabs. A melange of seasonal vegetables delicately flavoured with aromatic herbs, attar, saffron and our signature biryani blend and finished on dum.
  2. Bombay Masala Biryani
    A melting pot of flavours, this biryani is a concoction of plums, deep-fried baby potatoes, rice, and an aromatic blend of spices. A speciality of Bombay, this dish employs the 'Dum' technique of cooking.
  3. Calcutta Chutney Pulao
    Originating from the ‘The City of Nawabs', this pulao is flavoured with mint, coriander and green chillies along with basmati rice. Packed with zest and zing, this wholesome dish is finished on dum and will redefine new flavours for your taste buds.
  4. Phirangi Pulao
    A notorious rendition of traditional biryani prepared with exotic vegetables and herbs dum cooked together with fragrant basmati.
  5. Bombay Murgh Masala Biryani
    A tangy margination of spring chicken, dry plums, apricot, baby potatoes cooked with basmati rice on dum along with our signature biryani blend.
  6. Calcutta Egg Biryani
    A legendary preparation from the bustling streets of Kolkata. Subtle on spices, rich in flavour, embellished with perfectly cooked deep-fried eggs, potatoes, finished on dum; this is perfect for a sinful craving.
  7. Calcutta Mutton Biryani
    Later nawabs travelled and resided in the old city Kolkata only to recreated their fascination of Awadh and dedicated a province called Metiabruz. Fragrant basmati rice cooked with succulent pieces of lamb flavoured with cardamom, mace and finished on dum
  8. Hyderabadi Kathal Biryani
    Melt in mouth baby Jackruit 'Kathal' embellished in spiked yoghurt cooked together with fragrant Basmati, aromatised with attar and perfume and finished on dum.
  9. Hyderabadi Murgh Biryani
    Soaked in earthy zests and charred flavours, this dish was formulated to linger on your thoughts forever. Succulent chicken is marinated overnight in yoghurt, fresh green mint and our signature biryani blend with basmati rice.
  10. Hyderabadi Kacchi Gosht Biryani
    This dish got its name from a special cooking technic called 'Kacchi (raw)'. Prime cuts of lamb are marinated overnight with a special variety of chillies, raw papaya and our signature biryani blend. Slow cooked with fragrant basmati and finished with green mint and black cumin.
  11. Dum Khumb Biryani
    An exotic biryani prepared with khumb or mushrooms infused with aromatic Indian spices, yoghurt, and signature biryani blend. Very vibrant in palate and flavour, it's a must-try for every vegetarian
  12. Lucknow Chowk Ki Murgh Biryani
    An ethereal indulgence from the City of Nawabs, relish this original recipe made with succulent morsels of spring chicken and basmati rice delicately flavoured with herbs and perfumed with attar.
  13. Lucknow Chowk Ki Gosht Biryani
    Relish the frolic of flavours in your mouth! Sealed in an earthen handi, it's a delicate balance of secret herbs, spices, rose water and saffron, with prime cuts of lamb and basmati rice that breathe life into this Awadhi recipe. Served with burani raita.
  14. Multani Keema Pulao
    A souvenir of the region of Multan, it’s a kaleidoscope of flavours like cinnamon, dry ginger, cardamom, fenugreek and yoghurt, our signature biryani blend prepared with Keema, ‘hand grounded lamb', together with basmati rice and finished on dum.
  15. Bombay Paya Biryani
    Paya' refers to trotters. Slow cooked lamb trotters with our signature nihari blend and finished with fragrant basmati rice on dum.
  16. Peshawari Paneer Biryani
    Originating from the Sindh region of Pakistan, savour the flavours of secret Sindhi herbs & spices along with yoghurt. A fragrant dish of basmati rice packed with succulently charred cubes of cottage cheese (paneer) cooked in a blend of aromatic signature biryani blend.

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