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  1. Murgh Kali Mirch Ka Tikka
    A tantalizing, fragrant and tender chicken dish skewered with lots of black pepper in yoghurt marinade.
  2. Dilli Fish Fry
    Indulge your senses into the crispy and flavourful fish kebabs marinated in Chef'’s Special Spices.
  3. Galouti Kebab
    Galouti Kebab
    "Galouti" means so tender it melts in your mouth, describing the delicateness of the lamb marinated in papaya and royal spices.
  4. Murgh Ke Soole
    A potpourri of spicy and flavourful zests, this chicken kebab is embellished with eggs on top.
  5. Tandoori Chicken
    Prepared by roasting chicken marinated in hung curd and a blend of aromatic spices in a tandoor; this is the most popular dish of the Indian subcontinent.
  6. Kakori Kebab
    Kakori Kebab
    The most delicate kebabs are prepared using mangoes to tenderise the meat and a multitude of eclectic spices.
  7. Murgh Afghani
    Murgh Afghani
    Savour the virtue of cream combined with rich cashews and poppy seeds along with pepper instilled in chicken and grilled to perfection.
  8. Mutton Shami Kebab
    Soft and delicious mutton patties marinated in Hyderabadi spices shallow fried to perfection.
  9. Sikandari Raan
    Sikandari Raan
    A signature dish at Biryani Central, Sikandari Raan, literally translates to “Alexander’s Lamb" is a remnant of royalty and delivers subtle flavours and juicy succulence.
  10. Mutton Tikka
    Mutton Tikka
    A versatile dish for any occasion, this recipe delivers the lush boneless pieces of mutton marinated in a melange of cream, yoghurt and aromatic spices.
  11. Mahi Afghani
    Mahi Afghani
    When Afghani spices meet seafood, Mahi Afghani is born. Anoint with spices and roasted in tandoor, it’s a must-try at Biryani Central.
  12. Murgh Seekh Kebab
    Exquisitely tender, delicious, and full of sharp flavours, this irresistible appetizer is a blend of ground minced chicken and signature spices skewered in a clay oven.
  13. Mutton Seekh Kebab
    Mutton Seekh Kebab

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