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  1. Makai Palak Seekh Kabab
    This perfect blend of health and taste is a gold chest of vitamins and minerals. Made with corn along with a nutritious inclusion of spinach, this recipe is an illusively delicious delectable.
  2. Mushroom Kukure
    An ingenious blend of traditional and contemporary flavours. Savour the crispiness of the outer crust with the delicate tenderness of mushrooms inside.
  3. Malai Soya Chaap
    Soybeans and soya skewered on sticks and marinated in malai to offer that extra tenderness for your palate.
  4. Kathal Ke Burrah
    Tender and spicy Jackfruit marinated in hung-curd infused with aromatic spices, then skewered, roasted and charred in tandoor.
  5. Cheese kurkuri
    A great starter made for melting in your mouth. Prepared crispy outside and cheesy inside.
  6. Rajma Gilawati Kebab
    Packed with proteins and nutrients, made from red beans and concocted traditionally as a shallow fried Lucknow Kebab speciality.
  7. Peshawari Paneer Tikka
    A combination of juicy paneer, ground spices and fresh cream prepared in Peshawari style, bringing flavours from across borders to offer you lip-smacking flavour. Offering a very rich and creamy texture.
  8. Saundhe Aloo
    Saundhe Aloo
    Crispy potatoes grilled to perfection and seasoned with mint and coriander.
  9. Tandoori Bharwan Aloo
    Crunchy baked potato crusts filled with cottage cheese and marinated with seasonings.
  10. Peshawari Soya Chaap
    Soya soaked in Peshawari spices and yoghurt and skewered in a tandoor to impart a rich and smoky flavour.
  11. Tandoori Phool
    Tandoori Phool

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